Carolines Newsletter 1st Sept


My thought of the week:
Inspiration, motivation, confidence and time are four priceless gems, no matter how much money you have they simply cannot be brought. So how do we get them?

Inspiration is in every corner, in every person and in every situation. Be inspired by someone’s smile, inspire someone else by a simple ‘ you look nice today’. Motivation (really is strength of mind) is the desire for something – if you really want it you will try everything to get it. Confidence comes from within, try to stop being afraid of yourself or what others may think – what makes them right and you wrong?!! Time – it’s everywhere, it’s essential to well being and it’s is easy to find if you have a plan. Look at a normal day; be honest with yourself about time wasted. Re- schedule things that don’t fit in – try not to rush. All of these four things are essential to a continued weight loss program. So take it from someone who knows, sit down, think, smile and plan – you’ll be so glad you did. Remember the only thing stopping you shedding those pounds is YOU!

Jokes of the week

On the first day, God created the dog and said:’Sit all day by the door of your house and bark at anyone who comes in or walks past. For this, I will give you a life span of twenty years.’The dog said: ‘That’s a long time to be barking. How a bout only ten years and I’ll give you back the other ten?’ So God agreed. On the second day, God created the monkey and said: ‘Entertain people, do tricks, and make them laugh. For this, I’ll give you a twenty-year life span.’ The monkey said: ‘Monkey tricks for twenty years? That’s a pretty long time to perform. How about I give you back ten like the Dog did ?’ And God agreed. On the third day, God created the cow and said: ‘You must go into the field with the farmer all day long and suffer under the sun, have calves and give milk to support the farmer’s family. For this, I will give you a life span of sixty years.’ The cow said: ‘That’s kind of a tough life you want me to live for sixty years. How about twenty and I’ll give back the other forty?’ And God agreed again. On the fourth day, God created man and said: ‘Eat, sleep, play, marry and enjoy your life. For this, I’ll give you twenty years.’ But man said: ‘Only twenty years? Could you possibly give me my twenty, the forty the cow gave back, the ten the monkey gave back, and the ten the dog gave back; that makes eighty, okay?’ ‘Okay,’ said God, ‘You asked for it.’ So that is why for our first twenty years we eat, sleep, play and enjoy ourselves. For the next forty years we slave in the sun to support our family. For the next ten years we do monkey tricks to entertain the grandchildren. And for the last ten years we sit on the front porch and bark at everyone. Life has now been explained to you. ——————————- A man starts his new job at the zoo and is given three tasks. First is to clear the exotic fish pool of weeds. As he does this, a huge fish jumps out and bites him. To show the others who’s boss, he beats it to death with a spade. Realizing his employer won’t be best pleased; He disposes of the fish by feeding it to the lions, as lions will eat anything. Moving on to the second job of clearing out the chimp house, He is attacked by the chimps who pelt him with coconuts. He swipes at two chimps with a spade, killing them both. What can he do? Feed them to the lions, he says to himself, Because lions eat anything. He hurls the corpses into the lion enclosure. He moved on to the last job, Which is to collect honey from the South African bees. As soon as he starts, he is attacked by the bees. He grabs the spade and smashes the bees to a pulp. By now he knows what to do and throws them into the lion’s cage – because lions eat anything. Later that day a new lion arrives at the zoo. He wanders up to the other lions and says ‘What’s the food like here?’ The lions say: ‘Absolutely brilliant. Today we had fish and chimps with mushy bees.’ * * * * *

Friends and us

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This week …………………


Classes back OPEN this week!

Monday night will remain 1 combined this week for 1 WEEK ONLY and then on the 8th will return to a double class.

Tuesday’s double class are all back to normal and open (but we will still be in the Bockhanger hall on the 2nd).

I had a really lovely week off with the family but I can’t wait to see you all again and crack on with the next lot of challenges. This is it then …….. The Bank Holiday is out of the way ( last one before Christmas!), Kids going back to school ( bless them! ), holidays but a distant memory! Now its time for YOU…. Time to get back on track with YOUR plan – YOUR routine – and YOUR exercise.

I recommend a ‘strict – clean week’ for a real kick start.

Its cheaper to spend a morning/evening at class than the gym! It’s better value for money than any other ‘diet club’ Good company , great workouts and the fun and laughs – what a way to start the week!! I get soooooooo excited at this time of year when we are all back together again, new faces coming in, old friends rejoining and us all working together to lose weight and get fit! Be in no doubt that motivation , encouragement and determination to suceed will be high – you really don’t want to be missing out now do you? So see YOU in class xxxx

* * * * * *
I have my new leaflets printed and they are bundled up in 300’s / 400’s and 500’s.
Some of you have kindly offered to deliver some for me. I will be bringing these into class THIS week – so if you are able to take some, please come and see me.
I really really appreciate your help as I just don’t have the time to deliver them myself.
* * * * * *
I have a present for EVERYONE who comes to class THIS WEEK! (I will extend this to the 8th as I am closed in the morning on the 1st and only running 1 class in Folkestone).
I have brought every one of you one of these and I want you to become inventive with where you take your ‘gift’ and either send me photo’s or post them to my Love my fitness facebook page.
Make sure you are at class so you don’t miss out.
* * * * * *
In the September issue
Your favourites just got healthier!
* 10 essential dishes get an HFG makeover, from your midweek spag bowl
to your Sunday roast
* Lighten up those sweet muffins
* You can eat dessert – guilt-free pannacotta
* 20 healthy cooking tips to bring back from your holiday
* Easy diet changes that can reduce your cholesterol
* The health implications of ditching dairy from your diet
* 10 new easy ideas for your lunchbox * The HFG food and drink award winners
* * * * * *
September – this is the month we have all been waiting for – new month, new goals, fresh start, don’t waste it!
Kids are back to school, perhaps you are back to work, it’s time to get back to healthy routines and ditch the summer unhealthy habits.
This month I want you to take a long hard look at why you are here, what you are working for and the benefits it will bring you.
The Party Season (Christmas) is three months away so there is plenty of time to lose weight and feel fabulous.
What would be your perfect size for Christmas? Make sure your goals are realistic and aim for 1-2 lbs per week of gradual weight loss.
If you lost 1 lb per week between now and Christmas that would be over 1 stone!
If losing weight is on your wish list – don’t wait for the New Year to make a New Year Resolution – start now and focus on getting rid of that weight before the end of the year.
Love my Fitness Kick Start September Tips:
Is one of the most important meals of the day, do not skip it!
It doesn’t mean that you should eat massive fry-ups every morning. Go for high fibre and high protein breakfast options. They will keep you full longer and your calories low.
Pack your lunch
Preparing your lunch means you are less likely to go for high fat / sugar options and snacks. Make sure your lunch includes protein, vegetables, plenty of leafy greens and fruit. Avoid cheese, crisps, fizzy drinks and cakes.
Don’t forget to pack a healthy snack.
Snacks that can be eaten while on the go are especially beneficial. Dried fruit, fresh fruit, nuts and low fat yogurts are excellent options. They will help you to overcome cravings during the day. It will also stop you from buying what’s easiest when you are hungry and in a rush.
Plan, plan and plan
All meals and snacks. Make a shopping list, clean the unhealthy stuff from the cupboards. Start writing a food dairy again and make it a habit. Use my fitness pal or a calorie counter and check your calories.
Fit exercise into your weekly routines.
Increase your activity levels in September – walking up the steps, walking to the local shop instead of driving, having a walk in your lunch break, spend active weekends with your kids. Come to at least 2 classes a week…….. Make exercise enjoyable, start at an easy level and build it up. Make sure you have a routine and follow it.
* * * * * *
Pamper weekends away
We are very excited to share with you the dates and details of next years Madeira trip.

Next year we will be going the same time as this year – either Wednesday 3rd /Thursday 4th June until Monday 8th. (You can choose between a 4 day break or 5 day). We will be staying once again at the 5* Pestana Grand hotel – it is truly a stunning hotel just 40 mins walk from the town and overlooking the sea. The hotel has everything you need to have a wonderful weekend. Flights via Easyjet are not available at the moment, but I am happy to book for any of you that would like me to. (flights must be paid in full the following week at class). The cost for the 4 day trip will be £342 and the price of the 5 day trip is £399! Only £2 more than this year. This is based on half board with transfers and 3 x 25 min spa treatments included. This years trip was fantastic, feedback was amazing and it’s a weekend full of laughs, pampering, sun and relaxation. Lists in class NOW and I will be setting up a payment scheme again to help spread costs. If you need any other information then please ask me in class or email me.

 Caroline’s Charity Party night. I mentioned a few weeks ago in the news letter that we are arranging another party evening.
This is going to be held on Friday 10th October also at the Rugby club. 
Tickets will be £25 pp – 3 course meal, disco, games, Raffle, Auction, Table magician, photo booth entertainment.Any / ALL money raised will go to :The Pilgrims Hospice The Folkestone Youth Project & The 11th Folkestone Scout Group. Lists will also be in class THIS WEEK.

* * * * * *
Serves: 12 – 14. 229 calories per portion (if serving 12); 196 calories per portion (if serving14)Prep time: 15 minutesCooking time: 1 hour


  • Oil, for spraying
  • 750g Bramley cooking apples
  • 1 tbsp fresh lemon juice
  • Fnely grated zest of ½ lemon
  • 250g self-raising flour
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1 tsp ground mixed spice
  • 2 large eggs
  • 100g demerara sugar, plus 2 tbsp
  • 200ml semi-skimmed milk
  • 100ml sunflower oil
  • ½ tsp sifted icing sugar, for dusting

Cooking Method

  1. Preheat the oven to 190°C/Fan 170°C/Gas 5. Line a 23cm springclip cake tin with baking parchment. Mist the base and sides with oil.
  2. Peel the apples and cut them into quarters. Remove the cores and cut the apples into thin slices – you’ll need about 500g prepared weight. Put the apple slices in a bowl and toss with the lemon juice and zest.
  3. Mix the flour, baking powder, cinnamon and spice in a large mixing bowl. Whisk the eggs with the 100g of sugar, the milk and sunflower oil in a separate medium bowl using a large metal whisk. Then pour the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients, stirring lightly until combined – use the whisk to break up any stubborn lumps. Toss the lemony apples through the cake batter until evenly mixed and pour the mixture into the prepared tin.
  4. Sprinkle the 2 tablespoons of sugar evenly over the top and bake the cake in the centre of the oven for 1 hour until it is well risen and golden on top. Test the cake by inserting a skewer into the centre – it should slide easily through the apples in the middle and come out clean.
  5. Leave the cake to cool for 10 minutes before removing it from the tin and carefully peeling off the baking parchment. Dust with sifted icing sugar and serve warm or cold with a little single cream or half-fat crème fraiche.
  6. This cake is deliciously moist, so it’s best to keep it wrapped in foil and eat it within a couple of days. It is quite large, so if you want to keep yourself from being tempted to eat too much, you could cut the cake into quarters and freeze some for another time. Wrapped tightly, it will freeze well for 3 months. Defrost the cake fully before serving and warm it through in a low oven or a microwave if you like.

My final thought …..

“If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would astound ourselves.”Are you one of those people who settle for second best because you just don’t believe you can achieve more? We have a weight loss and fitness plan which is proven and guaranteed to work, yet members with weight to lose constantly find reasons not to do it.If you don’t think you can do it, ask me and I’ll convince you that you can.


See you in class ………………….

Love Caroline   xxxxx


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