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Adel Ready

ADEL LOST FOUR-AND-A-HALF STONE TO BE A BEAUTIFUL SIZE 10 BRIDESMAID – THANKS TO CAROLINE’S CLASSES 22-year old Adel Ready from Ashford, Kent, was over the moon when her brother asked her to be a bridesmaid at his wedding in October 2008. The only problem was, finding a bridesmaid dress to fit her 15 st frame!


So, with 11 months to go before the big day, Adel made up her mind to be a slim bridesmaid and succeeded in shedding 4 st 7lb to look fabulous in a size 10 burgundy satin bridesmaid dress. Adel, who used to struggle to fit in some size 18 clothes and sometimes had to buy a size 22, now looks – and feels – fabulous. “I think I missed out on my teenage years because I hated being big. Now I’m starting to make up for lost time!” says Adel. Whilst Adel had always been bigger than her friends at school, getting an evening job at Pizza Hut – and developing a love of pizza – led to her putting on even more weight.

And, when Adel started work full-time and stopped exercising at her local dance school, she really noticed the pounds begin to pile on. “In the office there were always cakes and biscuits on the go,” says Adel. “Holidays were my other weak spot.
I always put on loads of weight, as much as a stone one fortnight, with eating out every night and ice creams by the pool.”
 After cutting out pizzas, chocolate, biscuits and cake, Adel managed to shift 10lb in 3 weeks before she joined [infopopup:caroline] Class in Ashford.

Adel reached her target weight in time for her brother’s wedding and was delighted to have slimmed down to fit into a size 10 dress. “It was the happiest day of my life,” says Adel.

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