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KENT SLIMMER LIVES LIFE TO THE FULL AFTER LOSING ALMOST 5 STONE. For as long as she could remember, 47-year old Chris Sims from Ashford, Kent, had been overweight. But, within six months of joining [infopopup:Caroline] classes in 2006, Chris, who used to weigh 14st and wear a dress size 18/20 succeeded in losing 4st 7lb.


Chris has since lost a further 6lb, to bring her total weight-loss to 4st 13lb. After keeping her weight off for the past six years, Chris, who  now weighs 9st 1lb and wears a dress size 10/12.  Chris has recently taken part in the London Marathon which is an amazing achievement for someone who was once so averse to exercise! “At school I was the chunky child who was always last to be chosen in PE. I ate too much junk food and by the time I left school I was already a size 18,” says Chris.

In her mid twenties, Chris developed Deep Vein Thrombosis, a condition she inherited from her mother, which can cause fatal blood clots. “My legs were so painful that I stopped exercising,” adds Chris. A family trip to Disney Land Paris in 2006, found Chris struggling to keep up with her energetic children. “I couldn’t manage to walk across the complex and the kids were always checking I was okay. I felt like an old woman and made the decision to join the Love my Fitness class along with a friend that August,” says Chris. After joining the class, Chris who used to eat at least five packets of biscuits a week, managed to ditch her high-fat addition. “I stopped buying biscuits and haven’t eaten one since!” says Chris. Chris also swapped her fat-laden meals for three healthy meals a day and swapped crisps for Snack a Jacks.

Chris lost weight at such a rate that she hit her original weight-loss target in just six months. Since her life-changing weight loss, Chris has completed a charity sky dive with other members of her [infopopup:header] class, she has taken part in five Moon Walks and in April this year, she ran in the London Marathon. “It’s hard to believe that 20 years ago I was given a disabled badge because I struggled to walk due to my DVT, now I regularly run 18 miles,” adds Chris. “My class is great and we all support each other. My instructor, [infopopup:carolineb] , keeps us all focused and is there for us all. I couldn’t have done it without her!” says Chris.

For details of Love my  Fitness Clubs Ashford, Folkestone & Dover call Caroline Ward on 01303 211755


Chris attends our Thursday  Night classes at the East Stour Primary School

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