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Helen Rhodes


IF I’D KNOWN IT, I’D HAVE DONE IT YEARS AGO!” SAYS LOVE MY FITNESS SLIMMER WHO SHED 5ST 10LB IN A YEAR By the age of 14, Helen Rhodes from Deal, Kent, who is now 20 years old, used to weigh almost 14 stone. By the time she was 15, Helen weighed almost 15 stone.

She spent the rest of her teenage years being overweight and it wasn’t until she was approaching 20 – and wearing a dress size 20 – that Helen finally found the help she needed to lose weight. After joining our Club in Deal, Helen  has lost an amazing 5st 10lb in just 13 months. At her heaviest, Helen, who now weighs 9st 10lb and is a stuning size 10, weighed in at 15st 6lb. She says: “It’s like I’ve got a whole new life. I’m so glad I’ve done it now, while I’m still young.

My only regret is that I lived through my teenage years fat – when I didn’t have to.” Helen began putting on weight in her early teens simply by eating too much of the wrong things – especially chocolate, cheese and crisps. She joined our class because she wanted to get fit and the class offered exercise as well as dietary advice. “I was the youngest person there and felt very self-conscious and nervous,” says Helen. “However, [infopopup:lisa], the instructor, was very welcoming and the other women were very supportive,” she adds.

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Helen still attends our Deal Classes