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Maureen Harris

Maureen-Harris-afterIFE BEGINS AT 70 FOR CAROLINE’S SLIMMER WHO SHED ALMOST 4 STONE Maureen shed 3st 11lb to weigh 9st 9lb and now wears a dress size 12-14. When Maureen Harris from New Romney, Kent, couldn’t fit in her size 20 control pants she knew it was time to take action.

Weighing 13st 6lb and embarrassed that she couldn’t get the special slimming pants past her knees, Maureen promptly joined[infopopup:caroline] Club in Cheriton, where she succeeded in shedding 3st 11lb. 70-year old Maureen now weighs just 9st 9lb and wears a dress size 12-14 but when she joined the Club, Maureen weighed 13st 6lb and, after having taken very little exercise for years, she puffed her way through the exercise class. Maureen’s battle with the bulge began as a child, when a love of fattening food caused her weight to pile on. Bullied at school, Maureen, who had red hair, found her confidence took a dip when she was nicknamed ‘The Fat Carrot’. “It was very hurtful,” says Maureen.Maureen-Harris-before Maureen weighed 13st 6lb and over the years tried all sorts of diets and clubs but nothing seemed to work over the years, Maureen tried all sorts of diets and clubs but nothing seemed to work, “I’d lose the weight, then put it all back on,” says Maureen, who, before she lost weight, was worried she might not live to see 70.

“I often felt tired and my doctor told me I had high blood pressure, made worse by my weight.” Maureen soon got into the exercise at class and also took up walking and line dancing. It has given her a new lease of life and Maureen now has bags of energy, which helps when she is looking after her great-grandchildren. Whilst Maureen used to have a fear of flying because she thought she would get trapped in the seat, she’s now planning a holiday abroad. “There are so many things I want to do, and now I can,” says Maureen.

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