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Michelle Harris

michelle-harris-after-page ichelle Harris 44 from Ashford, Kent, was first diagnosed as having Type 1 diabetes when she was 18 years old. After taking insulin to keep her blood sugar levels down, Michelle saw her weight shoot up. Michelle, who used to weigh 13st 13lb and wear a dress size 20, feared that her poor control of her diabetes could lead to the loss of a limb, but, after joining [infopopup:caroline]Club in March 2009, Michelle not only succeeded in shedding 4st 1lb to now weigh 9st 12lb and wear a dress size 10, she also gained a good control of her diabetes too!  

When Michelle had to buy her first pair of size 20 trousers she knew something had to change. She remembered an  exercise video had helped her to get back in shape after having her two boys – who are now aged 13 and 17 years old, so she chose Caroline’s Classes to help her. “As I approached my 40th birthday my sugar levels were so high I risked losing a limb as poorly managed diabetes can lead to nerve damage,” says Michelle, whose doctor enrolled her on a course to educate her on controlling her insulin levels. michelle-harris-before-page

By following a healthy eating plan, and keeping her favourite tipple – wine, to a weekend treat instead of drinking half a bottle a day, and by cutting out snacking on five packets of crisps a day and unhealthy amounts of cheese every night, Michelle reached her target weight in just eight months. In fact, she loved the classes so much that within six weeks of joining Caroline’s Club, Michelle attended four classes a week and also took up running and boxing, as well as horse riding at the weekend.

And, in 2011, Michelle took up Taekwondo classes with all of the family. “I’m now so fit and healthy that I fought against my teenage sons and won!” says Michelle. “And, when my doctor used me as an example to apply for more funding for the insulin advisory course and was successful, I was glad that I’d helped to make a difference and others would benefit from my hard work.”


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